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My Top Income Secret…

Create a Triple Income Stream

In the last 90 days, my followers reaped over $2,843 in instant cash, just by following “MY TOP INCOME SECRET.”

 Today - I'm giving you access to my Triple Income Stream, so you can produce income:

Every Week...

Every Month...

And, Every Quarter...

Income Stream #1: Weekly Options - An Extra "Paycheck" Every Week!

I’ve been trading weekly options for several years now . . .

. . . Specifically selling weekly options for cash profits every Friday.

Weekly options work for almost ANY account size... traders with a few thousand dollars can take advantage of these positions.

Done right, 4 weekly options premiums equal MORE than double the premium of just 1 monthly option!

My members consistently producing weekly income of $50 - $200 selling weekly options

And I have invited a select few investors to join me and my Options Income Blueprint members in this “Extra Paycheck” each week.

I’ve developed a trading strategy making that dream a reality using weekly options to generate an “extra pay day” for my Options Income Blueprint members. Weekly options are great for investors looking for yield, and income, and cash but who have fewer and fewer choices.

And now, in my service, Options Income Blueprint, we're selling 1-2 weekly options every week to create a "paycheck" on Friday of $50-$200 every single week.


Income Stream #2: Monthly Options - A Paycheck for Life!

The objective of selling Monthly Options with my strategy is to produce income of 2% or better from your portfolio each month. If you have a $25,000 portfolio, that's an extra $500 per month you can pay yourself, using my low risk strategy for selling options. And with this strategy, you'll discover you can bump that monthly return to 3%, 4% or even 5% and have more income while protecting your capital.

That's because I discovered this little "secret" about Options:

80% of the time, the Seller of options is making the money -- those are odds we cannot ignore in this low interest rate, low return on investment world.

Each week, I look for the lowest risk, highest probability options contracts to sell -- high probability means a contract with a strong return and a good possibility of expiring worthless (which means we keep all the money).

Right now, my members are making an average of $527 per month with my Monthly Options Recommendations.

...but that's not all


Income Stream #3: Dividend Doubler Strategy

In our video series, we showed you how to sell covered calls against companies like Annaly Capital and SanDisk to produce additional "dividend" returns (even though SanDisk doesn't actually pay a dividend). When used consistently, this one strategy can create more than $5,000 per year for you in extra income, without much extra work.

Just Look at How Much We Made On SanDisk! A potential Annualized Return of over 27%!

And for Annaly Capital, I showed you how to turn their big annual dividend of 13% into TWICE that amount using the same strategy, and how to repeat that strategy every quarter!

I'm ALREADY producing income for my members -- and in 2012, we're on pace to produce an Annual Return of over 42%


Your Personal Invitation to Join My

    Options Income Blueprint

 . . . A simple and safe way to protect your capital and generate large amounts of cash . . .every week and every month 


Options Income Blueprint has 2 Goals:
Protect your Capital and Generate Consistent Income

Michael executes every transaction with two goals – protecting your capital and generating a large amount of cash – He will not put yours or his capital at risk and you will generate cash, even if the events do not occur.

And it’s simple and easy.  You will follow Michael, a 30 year veteran of contrarian trading experiences, as he walks you step-by-step through the simple to learn and easy to execute process of selling options.

It's literally a Blueprint for generating FREE cash flow every month.

And you’ll take a market-neutral approach to profit in both bull and bear conditions; the state of the market won’t matter to you.

In all markets you’ll have the ability to Generate a Targeted Amount of Cash from all positions, that’s Cash gains, not a percentage.

Here’s proof!

In just the first 3 months of 2012, we’ve MADE:
$2,348 in income for our members
Zero Losing Trades
Annualized Return of 42%

You could already have PAID for your membership
AND made a 135% return on your investment
in the Options Income Blueprint Program!

In just 3 Months…

Here’s what you’ll gain as an Options Income Blueprint Member

52 Weeks of Michael Shulman's Top Income Producing Trade Recommendations, delivered to you via email and on the Options Income Blueprint Member's Only Site.
Every recommendation Michael provides is specifically designed to CREATE INCOME FIRST while protecting your capital at the same time. 

As an Options Income Blueprint Member you’ll receive Michael's trade recommendations every week for 1 Full Year. You'll also receive periodic new content and training, plus:

  • Weekly updates sent direct to you via email and posted on member site in addition to your.  This is your weekly game plan for
  • Trade alerts delivered via email when new trades are posted complete with trade full trade instructions.
  • Complete portfolio update and closed trade track record so you can follow how the positions are working.
  • Access to the Private Member Web Site:   You’ll get access to our private member web site where you can access all updates, trades and training material.

Simple, Direct, Specific Advice: Every recommended trade – about two a week -- gives you precise current information:

  • Complete trade recommendation with key facts on why Michael sees this opportunity as the right trade to make at this time.
  • The details of the trade including the option contract to purchase, the month and the exact price to sell the contract for.
  • You get the option symbol to open the trade – you know exactly what to tell your broker or make the trade online
  • You get the target profit buy-back price so you know IN ADVANCE your potential profit
  • You also get alerts to “roll and recover” a position the event that the trade goes against us.  This valuable nugget will help will allow you to always come out “cash positive” on every trade.

And, finally, when it’s time to close a trade, we’ll watch the prices and send you an alert when we want you to close the position out.

A Complete and Comprehensive Options Income Blueprint
Education Program is Included FREE!

If you are new to trading options or have only bought options and never sold them, Options Income Blueprint has you covered.  Every Blueprint Member receives access to our complete online training program so you can confidently start Selling Options. And even if you’re an experienced options trader, you may find some of the individual modules are a good refresher on strategies and you may even find new approaches that Michael takes you through.  Either way, this training program is loaded with valuable content.  Take a look at this . . .

Your Options Income Blueprint Education Program

This Training Program Consists of Five Powerful Weekly Education Modules all designed for any skill so no one is left behind. 

Module 1:   Introduction and Getting Started: We’ll cover Trading Options for income, Proper Goal Setting, The Options Landscape, Options Basics—for Sellers and Components of an Option Trade.  You’ll be introduced to the simple concept of selling options, both puts and calls, and you’ll see how easy it will be to come up to speed regardless if you never traded options before.

Module 2:  Selling Puts: You’ll learn about one of the easies, but most under-utilized trading strategies, selling puts.  Plus, Michael will talk you step-by-step through how to enter and exit a position, how to avoid being “put the stock” and rolling and recovery to extend the trade even longer bringing in more cash over time.

Module 3:  Selling Covered Calls: Here you’ll learn about Becoming a Seller of calls, we’ll review the assets we trade, help in establishing a position, how to exit a position and the all important “rolling and recovery” that almost insures that you’ll never lose money when sell a covered call.

Module 4: Weekly Options:  Here will take you through sselling Weekly Options for income, which offer the chance to generate an extra paycheck every week, stretching your capital and reducing your risk. We’ll also run through a Weekly Options Case study.

Module 5:  Advanced Strategies: Finally, we’ll wrap-up these sessions with lesson on more income producing strategies you can use selling options and even how to perform a Buy/Write!

Get These 3 Additional FREE Bonus Reports With Your Program!

Your FREE Bonus #1:  Become a Put Selling Pro                

Stock-buying can get expensive, especially when you have a smaller trading account. Or maybe you've just been burned so often by stocks that fly high and fall hard that you want to stay far, far away from ownership. Selling put options, month after month for pure income, is the way the pros play stocks they wouldn't mind owning but they'd rather get paid than lay out a big chunk of change. This report gives you great tips for trading puts for safety and profits.

Your FREE Bonus #2:  3 Secrets to Generating Income with Call Options             

You may be most familiar with the option buying strategy, but that's not the best use of your capital if you want to make regular returns. You've probably done, or thought about doing, covered calls -- selling options against your stocks -- for income. And there's a reason why this "stock-friendly" strategy works. In fact, there are three reasons. Learn them now in this report and you'll see why knowing the finer points of this simple strategy can pad your portfolio.                     

Your FREE Bonus #3:  The New Buzz:  Trading Weekly Options for Income

With high-flying growth stocks that can move around a lot in a month but trade fairly steadily week to week, options traders like you are exploring a new solution geared toward banking quick returns and removing the risk of time: weekly options. In this special report, Michael Shulman shows you how you can use them to generate up to 52 paychecks a year from just one stock. 


Options Income Blueprint

Special Offer

New Members Are Now Being Accepted! 

Join today and receive 2 Months Free Added to your paid membership!

This Special Offer Expires on Monday, June 2nd at 11:59 PM

That's 14 Months for the price of 12!

I think you’d agree that just the Options Income Blueprint with the 52 weeks of trading recommendations, all of the course modules, free bonus reports and special videos for 1 Year would be an Absolute Steal at just $1,997

We’re talking A Full Year of winning trades (99.2% winning percentage), consistent monthly income, stability, and everything you need to understand and put the odds in your favor, simply handed to you every single week...

Don’t worry though, you won’t need to even invest even half of that at the normal Options Income Blueprint price of $1,297 today...

Because when you activate your yearly membership today, you’ll gain instant access to your Options Income Blueprint Program with 52 weeks of Trade Recommendations and the complete 5 Module Options Income Blueprint Education Course through this special offer for the incredibly low, annual fee of just:

$2.73 a day

That’s right!  $2.73 a day – that’s LESS than a medium-sized coffee at Starbucks…

but you’ll be creating $1,000 or more of extra income every month.

This offer expires at 11:59pm June 2nd, 2012.

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90-Day “Double Down” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve decided to remove all of the risk for you by offering a special 90-Day “Double Down” Money-Back Guarantee: You’ll have 3 months to PROVE to yourself that the Options Income Blueprint Plan can double your membership fee in income for you during that time (double your money).

If we can’t DOUBLE your initial investment in the Options Income Blueprint Membership over the next 3 months, we’ll give you your money back!  That’s every penny.  No Questions Asked!

Why would we do this you ask? It’s because we are committed to helping individual investors protect their capital and generate income in these “new economic” times.

That’s how confident we are that Michael’s Options Income Blueprint Plan can HELP YOU. We want to help you to consistently and successfully generate REAL INCOME from selling options and that’s why we’re making this Special Offer and our outrageous promise to help you DOUBLE your investment in the next 90 days.

You’re practically losing money every day by NOT being an Options Income Blueprint member…seriously—on this page alone, we’ve shown you over $2,300 in income that would PAID for your membership AND put money in your bank account in just three months!

And, we’ve shown you that since the beginning of this year, our members are already enjoying a BIG WINNNING STREAK that has lined their pockets with extra cash in weekly trade after weekly trade.

This effective and consistent monthly income trading plan…combined with Michael spoon feeding you income trades…makes the Options Income Blueprint simple to Follow and Easy to Execute for any level of investor.

Take total control of your income plan and join Options Income Blueprint today –
You’ll be able to start trading with Michael this week.

New Members Are Now Being Accepted! 

Join today and receive 2 Months Free Added to your paid membership!

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