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I’ve developed a trading strategy making that dream a reality using WEEKLY OPTIONS to generate an “extra pay day” for my Options Income Blueprint members.

 This Special Video will teach you how to instantly add CASH to your account every week while NEVER putting your portfolio at risk.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Create a new, repeatable and sustainable income stream every week
  •  Take advantage of low-trading costs…Usually, you pay only one commission to open a trade
  •  How weekly options work for almost ANY account size…
  •  Choose from many different stocks and ETFs that issue weekly options
  •  End dependency on low interest rate or high-risk, capital intensive investments.

Don’t settle for low interest-rates from banks or government bonds and don’t put your portfolio in danger with high risk, high-yield stocks.

93% of investors using this options selling strategy are REGULARLY generating the income they need.

Every Week…It’s Like An “Extra Pay Day” Every Friday!

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